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THE SPAWN OF THE SHADOW! This list highlights a host of pulp manhunters created to rival the Master of Mystery, to duplicate his popularity, and to follow his trail of .45-calibre justice to newsstand success. They copied his outfit, his style, his methods, and even his mannerisms. Some featured wild costumes, some were masked, some seemed to have super powers. Many were simply hardboiled detectives with a gimmick, others were bizarre crimebusters right out of a Marx Brothers nightmare.

Even their names conjured visions of mystery, action, and violence: The Purple Scar, Black Hawk, Johnny Eight-Ball, Silent Smith, Seekay, The Green Lama, Death Angel, Captain Satan, Pawang Ali, Feargod Peace, The Black Bat, Calamity Quade, Click Rush, the Keyhole, Doc Trouble, Hammerlock Wilson, Red Speed, the Avenger, Captain Zero, the Masked Detective, Ivy Frost, the Lame Fox and many more! They range from the obscure to the obtuse, they're hard to find--and they're on this list. Additionally, there are several major runs featuring top crime-character authors.

This list offers a selection of CLUES, DETECTIVE TALES, G-MEN DETECTIVE and other titles that specialized in pulp manhunters, including numerous rare, difficult-to-locate short-run publications--let us know what you'd like to see included next time.

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Pulp covers have been enhanced for internet reproduction and do not necessarily reflect actual grade and condition. See pulp list for details.

Street & Smith's icy-eyed, trauma-shocked crimesmasher with the plastic face!
1/41 VG cx; FC shows The Avenger battling criminals (Paul Ernst writing as Kenneth Robeson), 22.00
1/42 VG-; Tied to a post, the Avenger attacks his captors; Justice, Inc takes on The Green Killer, 34.00

Here's Tony Quinn aka The Black Bat, the model for Batman!
2/35 VG; Bizarre symbolic cover of skeleton and victims jumping from burning oceanliner (Ship of Flaming Death by George A. Starbird), other authors include Hugh Cave, Tony Feldman, L. Blassingame. Very minor overhang tears/chips along the bottom; 1/4" piece missing at top of spine; 3" crease right above the skeleton's head; 1/2 x 1" piece missing on back cover at bottom next to spine; interior pages supple. 65.00
SU/49 FA; D-cup blonde sticks up brunette in low-cut gown as BB appears behind them, 18.00

A major crime monthly which began on 10/26 and went toe-to-toe with Black Mask, Flynn's, and Dime Detective for decades. Best-selling writers make it a collectible contender, with a strong cross-section of characters, from Sherlock Holmes imitations to early hardboiled PIs, and exotic villains.
12/26 (#3) VG spd mi pofc; Knife & pistol fight in hotel room; Harry Lynch, Laurence D'Orsay, 95.00
7/27 VG; Underworld shoot-out; Oscar Schisgall, Eric Taylor, Ray Cummings, Tom Curry, 54.00
7/27 F; Another copy, 75.00
10/27 VG+; Eyes of the Sphinx fc story by Oscar Schisgall; Ray Cummings, Tom Curry, A Jacobs, 65.00
2nd 4/28 VG+ fc logo dirty; Jewel robbery; TT Flynn, T Curry, E Taylor, Frederick Harper, 52.00
2nd 4/28 NF tp discoloration right edge of fc, 57.00
2nd 7/28 VG+ mi pofc; Man discovers corpse in pullman car; ES Gardner, L DeBra, E Taylor, 52.00
2nd 9/28 VG nbc spt; Authorities attempt to open Orientalšs locked door; Lemuel DeBra, T Curry, 38.00
1st 12/28 G- fc stain; Captor taunts bound prisoner with key; H Bedford-Jones, Carolyn Wells, 26.00
1st 3/29 VG mispd; Frightened beauty menaced by painting of knight; TT Flynn, Fred Harper, 42.00
2nd 3/29 VG+ Barron Ixell removes disguise; Oscar Schisgall, TT Flynn, Garrett Smith, 55.00
2nd 3/29 VGmi pofc; Another copy, 51.00
2nd 1/30 VG+; Unusual 2-story fc, E Wallace, FP Stockbridge, L DeBra, LG Blochman, F King, 53.00
1st 2/30 NF t/t; Natty thug pulls pistol from inside coat; E Wallace, G Worts, T Curry, JA Smith, 42.00
1st 4/30 VG miws; 'Fury of the Flashy Five' graphic fc; Lemuel DeBra, Tom Curry, Carolyn Wells, 44.00
2nd 5/30 VG+;Cutie with cryptic note in tiger's shadow; ES Gardner, TT Flynn, Carolyn Wells, 52.00
1st 6/30 VG mi pofc; Masked thief lights way with lantern; Oscar Schisgall's Barron Ixell, TT Flynn, 45.00
2nd 6/30 VG+; Man burying mystery box in Central Park at night gets mugged; ES Gardner, 48.00
2nd 7/30 VG+; Mystic, crystal ball & frightened babe; ES Gardner, JA Dunn, C Booth, 48.00
2nd 11/30 F; Ornate dagger cuts into victim;s throat; Schisgallšs Barron Ixell, ES Gardner, 56.00
1st 12/30 NF; Patrolman finds lovely corpse; Allan V Elston, H Bedford-Jones, L DeBra, E Taylor, 56.00
2nd 12/30 VG+; Playboy & society babe escape to rooftop with loot; ES Gardner, L DeBra, 64.00
1st 1/31 VG- spd cx; Top-hatted killer threatens gal; O Schisgall, JS Fletcher, EP Ware, L DeBra, 18.00

1st 2/31 VF; Domino-masked couple brandish pistols; H Bedford-Jones,TT Flynn, O Schisgall, 64.00
1st 3/31VG; "Brand of the Lizard" fc; ES Gardner, TT Flynn, H Bedford-Jones, MR Phelps, 49.00
6/31 G pofc; Wounded gunman charges up stairs, J McCulley, AV Elston, O Schisgall, L DeBra, 29.00
7/31 G+; Cop on building ledge stalks machine-gunner, TT Flynn, J McCulley, ES Gardner, 39.00
8/31 F; Gang war shootout cover; ES Gardner, J McCulley, TT Flynn, E Taylor, AV Elston, 60.00
9/31 NF; Red-robed Oriental blackjacks dick; J McCulley, O Schisgall, L DeBra, more, 56.00
10/31 VG; Patrolman holds thug at bay during gunfight, J McCulley, O Schisgall, TT Flynn, 47.00
1/32 VG- pofc; Policeman on horse fires at bank robbers, Schisgall's Barron Ixell, TT Flynn, 45.00
6/32 G+; Safecrackers battle w/the law in office; ES Gardner, TT Flynn, J McCulley, O Schisgall, 37.00
7/32 NF; Hood hiding inside grave pot shots at cop, O Schisgall, T CurryP Ernst, EP Ware, 60.00
8/32 VG spd; Hammerlock Wilson saves bound babe & forces Oriental to drop kris, ES Gardner, 47.00
11/32 VG+; Playboy thief vs playboy detective; MacKinlay Kantor, Earl Scott, TT Flynn, EP Ware, 52.00

1/33 VG mitm; Cover intros Johnston McCulley's Lame Fox; O Schisgall, T Curry, Scott Savage, 50.00
1/33 F; Another copy, 68.00
When Street & Smith picked up the title on 10/33, they began a transition to tougher, faster-moving puzzlers, often with an offbeat, weird or supernatural approach. Top wordsmiths generated lighting-paced yarns starring a sensational series of exotic manhunters that were among the best the pulps had to offer! Spectacular covers by superb artists! Later issues specialized in hardboilers.
1/34 VG+; Victim reads threatening note from villain visualizing "Curse of The Skull" by EP Ware, 59.00
1/34 VG cx; Another copy, JP Olsen, D Lindsay, R Humphreys, E Allen, 29.00
10/34 VG cx white pgs; Edward Parrish Ware's "Vampire Blood"; H. Bedford Jones' Tertius March, 29.00
11/34 VG cx white pgs; D Wandrei's Ivy Frost; George Harmon Coxe's Detective Sergeant Scott, 29.00
12/34 VG- cx mi edge trim; Jaffray "Rattlesnake" fc; Bedford Jones' Tertius March, Dr. Hardwall, 29.00
12/34 G pofc; Another copy; Huge Negro stalks bound babe, Oriental aims pistol at psycho doc, 32.00
3/35 VG mi pofc/bc; Weird mystery cover for "Geek!"; GH Coxe, Richard Sale; C Buchanan; J Moynahan, 49.00
4/35 G- pofc, dirty; Ivy Frost & sexy redhead trapped in rat-infested dungeon with bones "Bride of the Rats", 32.00

10/35 VG mi pofc; Deep-sea diver finds underwater corpse; Wandrei's Ivy Frost tale "Impossible", 43.00
6/36 VG- pofc; Cover features Arthur Burks' blind detective Eddie Kelly, E. Hoffman Price's Pawang Ali on the French Riveria, 39.00
7/38 VG+; Fc of John Lawrence's "Nicotine Needles" with hardboiled NY homicide cop Mungo, 49.00
10/38 G t/t; Couple with furturistic breathing masks escape death; intros Wandrei's Cyrus North, 22.00
2/40 VG+ pobc; Pistol-whipping cover; Gruber, Bogart, Plunkett, Norvell Pagešs Feargod Peace, 36.00
2/40 VG mi spd; Another copy, 33.00
3/40 VG fc tear repaired; Modest Stein deathhouse cover; Tinsley, Daniels, Blackmon, Bogart, 32.00
4/40 VG title rubbed; Bondage victim burns alive; Norm Daniels, Nat Schachner, Paul Ernst, 34.00
6/40 NF; Cliff Goodrich's hardboiled Manhattan manhunter Flame Hardesty, Bogart, Daniels, 39.00
6/40 G mi spd; Another copy, 25.00
7/40 VG- mi spd; Modest Stein bloody detective fc; Norm Daniels, Ted Tinsley, Alan Hathaway, 32.00
11/40 VG-; Fc of Steve Fisher's "Homicide Johnny"; Norman Daniels, Charles Verral, Milt Lowe, 32.00
1/41 VG- sptp; Cover features Frank Gruber's two-fisted New York detective Sam Vedders, 32.00
1/41 VG mi spd; Another copy, Robert Blackmon, Jack Storm, 34.00

3/41 F; Race Williams fc with female knifer & masked charmer; Norvell Page, L Treat, E Ronns, 46.00
5/41 VG mispd; Malay kris with note startles tough guy; Gruber, Fisher, Hathaway, Daniels, Repp, 33.00
7/41 VG tp inside fc; Hellcat throws dagger at burly plainclothesman; Tinsley, Blackmon, Fowler, 33.00
9/41 NF; Man pushed from vehicle; Gruber, Tinsley, Bogart, Daniels, Blackmon, Lane, 35.00
9/41 VG+ sptp; Another copy, 32.00
11/41 VG+; Detective pins gunman to doorframe; Hathaway's boxer Johnny Irish, Tinsley, Storm, 37.00

1/42 G fc tear; Villain brands playgirl with soldering iron; Tepperman, Daniels, Bogart, Ronns, 22.00
3/42 VG; Accused killer cover art; G Fleming-Roberts, WT Ballard, Mark Harper, 20% more pgs, 33.00
3/42 FA; Reading copy with rough covers, 12.00
3/42 VG very mi spd; This is more like it!, 38.00
5/42 VG- br corners; Screaming woman cover; GT Fleming-Roberts, Hathaway, Goodrich, Storm, 17.00
7/42 NF mi pofc; Frightened victim under streetlight; Frederick Brown, Daniels, Blackmon, Harper, 44.00
9/42 NF; Kenneth Robeson Avenger tale, GT Fleming-Roberts, Tepperman, Tinsley, Umsted, 39.00

12/37 Fa pofc, pages, br; Eight more detective tales by Dent, Page, Burks, Tinsley & company, 16.00

A hotbed of private eyes, newspaperman sleuths, bareknuckled detectives!
11/35 VG- pofc; Another copy; F Gruber, AL Zagat, JP Olsen, R Conger, GA Shaftel, more, 70.00
2/36 F tc; Lovell action fc; Leslie White's Black Hawk, Zagat, Linklater, Ernst, Bruce, Tepperman, 39.00

3/36 VG+; Explosive Lovell yellow menace fc; Norvell Page, Burks, Ernst, Rogers, Graves, 86.00
8/37 F very mi fcd; Hairraising Lovell yellow menace fc; Cave, Kobler, Blassingame, Ernst, Davis, 90.00
3/38 G mi pofc; Trapdoors, robed killers, sexy babe, torn dress fc; Zagat, Kobler, Ernst, F Davis, 39.00
5/38 G pofc; Hot yellow menace fc; Blassingame, N Davis, Bowen, Plunkett, Cummings, Hawkins, 36.00
7/38 VG mi pofc, wr; Silk stockings, garter belts, cowled killers; Blassingame, Sale, Burks, Ernst, 49.00
9/38 G; Dress-suited hero, two babes, secret stairway, crazed hunchback; Blasingame, Kobler, 40.00
10/38 VG+ mi pobc; Yellow menace bondage fc; Zagat, Sale, Ballard, McDonald, Ketchum, more, 65.00

11/38 VG mipofc; Wild yellow menace fc; Ernst's bizarre PI Seekay, Page, Cummings, Champion, 58.00
12/38 G- pofc; Society couple battle brute killers in underground lair; Page, Blassingame, N Davis, 27.00
1/39 VG- mi fctm; Torture/bondage fc; Ernst, MacIsaac, Blassingame, Cummings, Bowen, more, 42.00
10/39 G- pofc br; Violent action fc; MacIsaac, Tepperman, Cox, N Davis, Plunkett, Hoban, 28.00
12/39 G pofc/bc; D-cup babe bound in dumbwaiter, pistol-packin' hero fc; desOrmeaux, Cox, 39.00
4/40 VG+; Brute drops bound dame down manhole cover; MacIsaac, Paige, Ketchum, Champion, 45.00
10/41 NF; Gunman and temptress are caught in the act; R Sale, D Keene, P Ketchum, FK Allan, 26.00
2/42 G+ pobc; Couple bound back to back get ominous help; Fred Brown, Sterling, Champion, 22.00
6/42 G+ pofc; Gal frees bound dick as gangster approaches; N Davis, F Davis, Champion, Clark, 16.00
8/42 VG pobc; Hellcat bites gunman's wrist; Cox's John Wade, J Hawkins' Pop Egan-Eddie Rock, 18.00
8/42 VG+; Another copy, Day Keene, Don Cormack, Don James, John Ward, 21.00
2/43 FA pofc; Gunman & girl thief on fire escape; F Brown's Sleuth from Mars, Keene, Clark, 18.00
2/43 VG+; Another copy; W Blassingamešs John Smith, Dane Gregory,Francis Allan, H Norton, 30.00
6/43 VG; Femme jewel thief cornered by gunman; Blassingamešs John Smith, F Davis, Gregory, 20.00
6/43 VG Can; Bound blonde unlocks dickšs handcuffs holding key in mouth; F Davis, Gault, Cox, 14.00
8/43 VG; Hood holds jacknife to redheadšs throat; R Turner, C Plunkett, D Clark, E Williams, 21.00
9/43 G+; Redhead stopped from retrieving gun by thug's foot; Chamberlain, Keene, Cox, Norton, 20.00
10/43 VG; Babe blasts Nazi in phone booth; S Sterlingšs Fire Marshall Pedley, Ballard, Turner, 23.00
1/44 F Can; Sexpot cleans blood from spats for gunman; F Davis, S Sterling, R Turner, Williams, 24.00

5/44 VG; Handcuffed felon under stairs reaches out for high-heeled dame; Tremaine, Turner, 25.00
6/44 G pofc; Brunette spells out her killer in pearls; Wm Cox, John Wade, C Plunkett, T Powell, 15.00
12/44 VG+; Subway doll sees dead hand emerging from killer musicianšs bass case; R Bradbury, 28.00
4/45 G spt; DeSoto lovely discovers murder weapon in paint can; Ballard, Keene, Powell, Cox, 12.00
10/45 FA bcm; Femme fatale with killer camera; Day Keene's 'Silent' Smith of Broadway, 12.00
10/45 G br; Another copy, WT Ballard, C Plunkett, T Powell, H Norton, more, 14.00
10/45 G+ spd; Another copy, 16.00
1/46 NF; Chef whips up poison birthday cake; Wm Rough, D Knight, KKeene, Plunkett, Powell, 28.00
3/46 G+ nbc; Hardboiled dick sabotages fuse box; Damon Knight, Cox's 'Dumb Dan,' Norton, 12.00
5/46 G+ pofc; Piano player with rod protects singer; JD MacDonald, Champion, Ballard, Norton, 15.00
6/46 G fctm; Legs of bound babe with red nailpolish & killer; Keene, Ballard, Plunkett, James, 13.00
8/46 G po title pg, fctm; Blonde makes dynamite candlesticks; Champion, Clarke, Powell, Norton, 11.00
9/46 G nbc; Busty, mouth-taped dame is silenced by hood; Wm Cox's 'Dumb Dan,' Trout, Gault, 10.00
6/48 VG; Scarfaced hood uses TNT plunger; J MacDonald, Fleming-Roberts, Keene, Allan, 25.00
1/47 VG-; Dinner host poisons main course; Thomas Black, DL Champion, Earl Pierce, 7 more, 19.00
2/47 VG; Blonde watches peglegged killer bleed; Cox's 'Dumb Dan,' Champion, Rough, Allan, 21.00
4/47 VG-; Blonde gives smuggled pistol to victim; Cox's 'Dumb Dan,' Keene, Powell, James, Holt, 20.00
7/49 FA; Knife misses busty babe in bed; JD MacDonald, L Lšamour, WC Gault, F Allan, 12.00
12/49 NF; Knife misses busty babe in phonebooth; J D MacDonald novel, WC Gault, Holden, 38.00
2/50 F; Escaping con grabs buxom prison nurse; WC Gault, D Keene, R Turner, D Mullally, 25.00
9/50 VG-; Saunders convict strangles busty radio announcer; JD MacDonald; F Allan, D James, 20.00
2/52 G pofc; Henry Fonda lookalike frightens blonde; F Gruber, WC Gault; F Allan, D James, 12.00

A mob of first-rate pulpsmiths and series characters! Handsome run!!!
11/37 (#1) VF; Blonde phones masked PI; Charteris, Woolrich, M Brand, Adams, Sale, Torrey, 100.00
12/37 (#2) NF very mi fc tm; 10 tuff tales by Charteris, Ernst, Ripperger, Sale, MacIsaac, Tinsley, 58.00

5/38 VG+ mi warp; Striking fc of brunette with pistol; H Cave, R Sale, D Clark, C Adams, more, 52.00
6/38 F very mi pofc; Beautiful Emmett Watson redhead fc; Ripperger, Torrey, Cave, Adams, Ernst, 65.00
7/38 VG cx; Another gun-woman fc; Salešs Calamity Quade, N Davis & D Babcock teamup, Knox, 26.00
11/38 VG+ tc; Richard Sale's Calamity Quade, DB Chidsey's Fletcher Steel; C Woolrich, J Butler, 29.00
11/38 VG- fc mend; Another copy, 38.00
12/38 NF; Steve Fisher's Detective Smith of the Missing Persons Bureau, Champion, Cave, 58.00
1/39 VG+; Belarski fc babe saps detective; W Ripperger's modern Robin Hood defaulter DeRaven, 55.00
2/39 VG foxing; Great Belarski fc of dick, harem dancer, killer doctor; Cave, Norbert Davis, Knox, 42.00
3/39 VG+; Circus fc; Salešs Calamity Quade, Chidseyšs Fletcher Steel, Fleming-Roberts & 7 more, 49.00
3/39 VG- mi edge tears, chips; Another copy; Champion, Knox, Blassingame, Ketchum, Truett, 38.00
4/39 VG br; Bizarre transparent skeleton hands smother woman; DeRaven; Sale, Butler, Adams, 42.00
5/39 FA last page missing, story complete, nbc; Test-tube detective Fletcher Steel, Cal Quade, 19.00
5/39 VG t/t; Another copy; Belarski action fc shows police w/guns drawn crashing through door, 29.00
8/39 VG; Belarski trapdoor fc; Dale Clark's Doc Judson; Richard Sale, Cleve Adams, W Brandon, 49.00
8/39 G+ mi pofc; Another copy; John Butler's "The Man from San Quentin"; Leslie White, 44.00
9/39 VG br; Detective opens ornate mummy case; Edwin Truettšs Bacchus Hallahan; Sale, Cave, 46.00
1/40 G+ fctp; ES Gardneršs Ed Migrane aka The Headache, Sale, Clark, Blassingame, Butler, 38.00

Two issues of a three-issue run!
6/42 #1 VG+, mi fc chips; Surreal fc; huge killer with gun menacing blonde in red dress; F Brown, 64.00
6/42 VG+ mi interior fc tape, mi chip; another copy; WT Ballard, Linklater, 64.00
6/42 VG- mi pofc; another copy, 52.00
6/42 VG- t/t; another copy, 30.00
Wi/43 (#2) VG+ fc chips; Nazis force busty blonde in low-cut dress to sign confession; Daniels, 53.00

Unusual masked manhunter, plastic surgeon Doctor Miles Murdock becomes the nemesis of crime--the Purple Scar--wearing the acid-eaten face of his murdered brother!
5/41 VG-; Indian sleuth "Unofficial" Jones; Gargoyle dick Mugs Kelly; Bomb Squad's Val Stewart, 39.00
WI/41 VG+; Second Purple Scar novel; bus driver Marty Malone, racetrack dick Phil Stevens, 75.00
SP/42 F; Norm Daniels' amnesia cracker John Doe; slalom expert James Burt; Indian Joe Saddle, 52.00
FA/42 VG faded; N Daniels' police reporter Scott Cameron; retired criminologist Jonathan Wise, 24.00
FA/42 G+ fc chips, mi spd, br; Another copy; wheelchair-bound magnate plugs Oriental servant, 22.00
WI/43 (42) VG- spt, mi pofc; Another copy; Yellow menace fc, Unofficial Jones novelet, 63.00
4/43 F; Cover spotlights Laurence Donovan's Naval Intelligence investigator "Wildcat" Martin, 42.00

Long-running series featuring two-fisted federal agent Dan Fowler!
10/35 (#1) VG cx; "Snatch" great cover with FBI agent triggering twin .45s; intros Dan Fowler, 26.00
9/38 G cx; Dan Fowler tapping phone lines atop pole & firing automatic; Scanlon, Frank Gruber, 16.00
5/39 G-; Dinner-jacketed Fowler and society dish shoot it out with traitors; Scanlon, Churchill, 12.00
9/41 G cx; Army camp shootout; John K Butler, RS Bowen, Charles Strong, N Daniels, 13.00
3/42 VG-; Fowler interrogates hospital victim unaware of nearby hood; Frederick Brown, Daniels, 25.00
11/42 VG+; Fowler sets dynamite bomb as female accomplice shoots Japanazi intruder; Scanlon, 30.00
6/43 VG- fc mend; Machete misses Fowler in Panama; Laurence Donovan, Dale Clark, JF Webb, 19.00
6/43 VG+; Another copy, 24.00
SU/45 VG+; Dan Fowler disarms bomb in snow; Norm Daniels, Ed Churchill, Anthony Tompkins, 22.00
WI/44 G pofc/bc; Chilling Belarski cowled skeleton throws electrocution switch; H Kuttner, N Daniels, 12.00
FA/46 VG pobc & contents pg; Captured victim burns bonds; insurance adjuster Bill Tolliver, 16.00
1/47 G pof/bc; Belarski blonde menaced by gunsel; David Goodis, Wm OšSullivan, JF Webb, 25.00
5/47 VG mi spt; Belarski babe slices label from corpse's jacket; Norman Daniels, Ray Cummings, 19.00
11/47 FA; Belarski pyro-villains vs police cover; Wm O'Sullivan, N Daniels, W Blassingame, 9.00
1/48 G fc chips; Battling parachutists; RS Bowen, R Cummings, J McCulley's Sneaky Pete, 14.00
1/48 G- pofc; Another copy, 10.00
11/48 G pofc; Brunette binds and gags busty blonde on sofa; Wm Castle, L'Amour, Blassingame, 25.00
SU/49 G+ pofc; Belarski couple draw guns against assassin; Scanlon, Zagat, Burks, Daniels, 15.00

Three of eight issues that specialized in hardboiled characters and occasionally weird-menace themes. Most with sensational Norm Saunders covers! Not easy to locate!
12/40 VG cx; Powers, Sharkey, 29.00
2/41 VG cx white pgs; WT Ballard, 29.00
4/41 (last issue) VG cx; Roger Torrey, Robert Turner, 29.00

A continuation of CRIME BUSTERS with the same blockbuster authors and characters!
2/40 VG spd; Bogart's Death Lady, Gruber's Racket Man, Tinsley's Cashin, Ballard's Red Drake, 32.00
6/40 VG+ mi spt; Female corpse fc; Gruber's Racket Man, Ballard's Red Drake, Page, Harper, 35.00
11/40 VG cx; Norgil thriller, Ballard's racetrack dick Red Drake, Tinsley, Jack Storm, Milt Lowe, 19.00
11/40 F; Another copy; Graves Gladney fc of detective lighting cigarette in front of treasure map, 36.00
1/41 VG cx; Gruber's The Racket Man,Tinsley's Carrie Cashin; Blackmon's Doc Trouble, Harper, 19.00
5/41 VG cx; Norm Daniels' Dynamite Dolan, Blackmonšs Doc Trouble, Storm, Bogart, Harper, 19.00
9/41 F; Blackmon's Doc Trouble, Tinsley's Carrie Cashin, Bogart's Johnny Cassidy, 39.00
9/41 VG spt; Another copy; BB Fowler's homicide dick Mike Slavin, Mark Harper, Ralph Conger, 33.00
11/41 G-pofc; Tong killer fc; Alan Hathaway, Norm Daniels, William Bogart, Jack Storm, Harper, 18.00
1/42 VG+ mi spd; Thief tears pearls from Norm Daniels' babe; Doc Trouble, Carrie Cashin, 35.00
1/42 F; Another copy; WT Ballardšs Red Speed, William Bogart, 39.00
1/42 NF but mi discoloring on fc spine edge and top edge; Another copy, 33.00
3/42 F; Manhandler roughs up brunette; Robert Blackmon's Doc Trouble, Alan Hathaway, 39.00
3/42 NF very mi fc edge discoloring br; Another copy, Mark Harper, Jack Storm, Gary Burton, 31.00
7/42 VG- br; Female knifer; WC Gault's Curt Ransom, Tinsleyšs Carrie Cashin, F Brown, Daniels, 31.00
1/43 VG+; Dame in trenchcoat fc; Doc Trouble, Carrie Cashin, plus Bogart, Hathaway, Goodrich, 37.00
3/43 VG+; Weird split skull fc; F Brown, Gault, Blassingame, Ronns, Goodrich, Bogart, Storm, 37.00
5/43 (last issue) VG mi sp chew; Fred Brown, Tinsley, Hathaway, Ballard, Bogart, three more, 36.00

aka Cash Gorman, S&S's Wizard of Odds, appeared in his own minor series!
4/41 VG cx: Cash Gorman corners death on a Hollywood set, book-length novel by Phil Sheridan, 18.00