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Numerous subscribers have requested an ALL-CRIME listing--and this one should provide a quick fix for that specific craving!

DIME DETECTIVE was a seminal crime title--in the same league as BLACK MASK and DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY--with the best authors, continuing series of hard-boiled detectives, but with the wildest covers in the genre--a blistering gallery (primarily in the '30s) of grotesque torture, babes in bondage, and bizarre villains, all the elements that made the pulps the most politically-incorrect medium on the planet and the most fun! There were 273 issues published; almost 75% are listed here. We haven't seen runs half as extensive as this one offered for sale in 30 years!

And the topper is a collection of gangster pulps--a genre within a genre that was ignored by collectors until recently. Like the DIME DETECTIVEs, they represent the most issues offered in a block ever--so expect them to be hit hard. Final thought: anyone interested in a large run of BLACK MASK and DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY should contact us before we break up the collection in a future list.

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2/32 (#4) VG+ t/t; Daly, Flynn, Ware, Nebel, Dunn, blonde strangulation cvr,135.00
2/32 Another copy, VG pofc, 115.00
5/32 (#7) G br, cx; Daly, Dunn, Ware, Flynn, bondage cover visualizing The Screeching Skull, 29.00
8/32 VG+ sptp nice pages; Daly, Gardner, Schisgall, Nebel, Gray, Beast in Black cvr, 110.00
9/32 VG cx; Flynn, Gray, Suter, Nebel, Triem, masked villain cvr, 26.00
11/32 VG+ tm, cx; Daly, Gardner, Nebel, Lawrence, Morgan, Reusswig knifer cvr, 29.00

1/33 VG cx; Nebel, Gardner, Schisgall, Hawkins, Reusswig Claws of the Condor villain cvr, 26.00
6/1/33 VG- pobc; Daly, Gardner, Schisgall, M Kantor, Doc Dyme cvr--giant plant vs redhead, 100.00
7/1/33 VG+ t/t; ES Gardner, Nebel, Davis, Reusswig cover--cloaked villain opens coffin, 100.00
10/15/33 VG+ t/t, Gardner, Flynn, Hawkins, Reusswig bondage cover--blonde tied to giant bell, 80.00
11/1/33 VG+ cx mi tm, white pages, sptp; Daly, Lawrence, Schisgall, Coxe, dwarf killer cvr, 36.00

11/15/33 VG+ tm, cx; Gardner, Nebel, Flynn, Meservy, Reusswig Oriental rat torture cvr, 36.00
12/1/33 G+ pofc, t/t; Daly, Flynn, Elston, Reusswig cvr--killer drags girl into pit, 70.00
12/15/33 VG- pofc; Daly, Hawkins, FC Davis, Day, Reusswig weird hanging man cvr, 75.00

1/1/34 VG+ t/t; Nebel, Schisgall, Moynahan, Taylor, Reusswig cvr, 75.00
1/15/34 VG+; Gardner, Lawrence, White, Reusswig cvr--one-legged villain menaces redhead, 90.00
1/15/34 Another copy F t/t, 85.00
2/1/34 VG+ t/t; F Davis, Schisgall, Des Ormeaux, Howitt blonde w/knife in throat cvr , 75.00
3/1/34 VG- pofc; Nebel, Allhoff, Daly, Schisgall, Howitt bondage cover in manhole, 65.00
4/1/34 VG+ t/t; ES Gardner, Nebel, Schisgall, Suter, Howitt cvr--Devil's Penthouse, 70.00
4/15/34 G large pofc t/t; CJ Daly, Vee Brown tale, Davis, Hawkins, Howitt cvr, 35.00
5/1/34 VG+ 1'' pofc; Gardner, Nebel, Hawkins, Torrey, Oriental villainess cvr, 75.00
5/1/34 Another VG+ copy t/t, 75.00
5/15/34 NF t/t; Flynn Lawrence, Walsh, Schisgall, Howitt nurse in peril cvr, 75.00
9/1/34 VG- cx, spd, mi tm; Daly, Walsh, Elston, Davis, Hawkins, Clausen, Meservy, 32.00
9/15/34 VG; Nebel, Flynn, Lawrence, Torrey, Babcock, Howitt masked villain w sickle cvr, 80.00
10/1/34 F t/t white paper; Daly, Cox, Brand, Schisgall, Blackmon, $75.00

2/15/35 VG+ t/t; Davis, Flynn, Lawrence, Williams, stunning Baumhofer menace cvr, 60.00
6/1/35 VG+ tc; Nebel, Lawrence, Butler, Watkins, Baumhofer cvr, 40.00
8/35 VG top left corner missing; Nebel, Davis, Barrett, Baumhofer yellow menace/blonde cvr, 65.00

1/36 VG spd; Daly, Davis, Nebel, Butler, Baumhofer bizarre Mark of the Raven cvr, 70.00
2/36 VG br; Lovell circus-themed cover--Bride of the Beast, Daly, Flynn, Barrett, 55.00 4/36 VG+; Daly, Woolrich, Nebel, MacIsaac, Bowen, Baumhofer yellow menace cvr, 100.00
4/36 Another copy VG, 85.00
5/36 VG spd; Butler, Lawrence, White, lethal Baumhofer crossbow villain cvr, 65.00

6/36 VG; Nebel, Cave, Davis, Barrett, Bowen, grisly Baumhofer masked headsman cvr, 75.00
7/36 NF; Daly, Davis, Flynn, Barrett, Bowen, explosive Baumhofer Red Dynamite cvr, 90.00
8/36 G tp, br; Butler, White, Barrett, MacIsaac, grim Baumhofer electric chair cvr, 30.00
9/36 NF egbr; White, Davis, Bowen, Lawrence, Barrett, fiend tosses victims into furnace, 65.00
10/36 G+ cx, no sp eg br; Daly, Butler, Lawrence, Barrett, Meadows, graveyard shootout cvr, 33.00
11/36 VG-; Thriller co-written by Daly, Lawrence, Barrett, Davis & Flynn; Gardner, Nebel, 70.00

2/37 VG; Daly, Flynn, Butler, Lovell, Bowen, Lawrence, Lovell yellow menace cvr, 70.00
3/37 VG pofc, white paper; Nebel, Davis, Barrett, MacIsaac, Flynn, decapitation cvr, 60.00
5/37 F; F Davis, Barrett, Nebel, White, N Davis, Dade, Singer Needle Mike cvr, 75.00
7/37 F mitp; Davis, Barrett, Butler, Fowler, White, Singer bondage cover, 70.00 8/37 VG; Daly, Woolrich, Lawrence, Cave, Echols, Monroe, Race Williams bondage cvr, 80.00
12/37 VG br; Daly, Flynn, Barrett, Lawrence, Dana, redhead, mad killer and rats cvr, 40.00

2/38 NF; Lawrence, Barrett, Flynn, MacIsaac, Koehl, great Baumhofer gangster cvr, 65.00
7/38 VG 2" bot spine missing; Daly Race Williams, Champion (intros legless detective Allhoff), 43.00
9/38 VG-; Davis, Champion, Wormser, MacIsaac, Dana, tattooed convict cvr, 35.00
10/38 VG tc; Daly Race Williams tale Men in Black, Flynn, White, RS Bowen, HF Howard, 30.00
11/38 VG; Lawrence, Barrett, Duncan, Hayes, Plunkett, great Needle Mike cvr, 40.00
12/38 VG; Daly Race Williams Men in Black tale, Davis, Champion, Harper, 40.00

3/39 VG+; Daly Race Williams tale, Lawrence, Blassingame, WE Hayes, scissor murder, 42.00
4/39 VG-; Raymond Chandler, Flynn, MacIsaac, Lawrence, Clark, Marquis of Broadway cvr, 150.00
7/39 VG tp; Woolrich, Champion, White, Dana, convict gives blonde hypo cvr, 36.00
9/39 FA nbc; Woolrich, Flynn, Davis, Dade, turbaned mystic & crystal ball with skull cvr, 25.00
12/39 G; N Davis, Lawrence, Champion, Myers, Butler, 30.00

1/40 VG pofc; Cave, Flynn, MacIsaac, blonde in torn red dress tied atop pool table cvr, 35.00
8/40 NF; N Davis, Constiner, Lawrence, Desoto usherette and knifer mug patron cover, 36.00
9/40 F mi pofc; Woolrich, Flynn, Paige, Dana; wild Desoto hanging blonde cvr, 39.00

2/41 VG; FC Davis, Paige, Dana, Luke Short, Sutton, Desoto blonde plugs customs man, 32.00
2/41 G Another copy, 19.00
3/41 VG- pofc; Woolrich, Torrey, Butler, Constiner, Myers, Desoto hangman cvr, 30.00
4/41 VG pofc; Woolrich, Davis, Champion, Myers, Merwin, 36.00
4/41 VG+ mi pofc; Desoto redhead plugs news photog as thief strips pearls from blonde cvr, 39.00
7/41 VG+; N Davis Max Latin tale, Butler, C Adams, tough Desoto gunman & moll cvr, 32.00
8/41 VG; Flynn, Constiner, Dana, Cave, Donnel, vivid Desoto blonde cvr, 29.00
9/41 NF miws, white pages; FC Davis, Butler, Rippiger, Myers, Desoto lynch mob cvr, 35.00
11/41 VG-; Cave, Page, Constiner, Donnel, Myers, 26.00
12/41 G nfc; N Davis Max Latin tale, Champion, Flynn, Dana, 8.00
12/41 VG- pofc; Desoto hood cuts lensman's safety belt outside skyscraper window, 24.00

1/42 VG-; Champion, Lawrence, Myers, Butler, James, 26.00
1/42 VG tm, fc chip; Another copy, 30.00
6/42 VG t/t; Paige, Constiner, Reeves, Dana, Dermody, Desoto orchestra pit cvr, 27.00
7/42 G nf/bc; FC Davis, Champion, Lawrence, Donnel, Linklater, 6.00 8/42 VG pofc; Flynn, Constiner, Davis, Dana, Thomas, Desoto redhead in danger cvr, 29.00

1/43 VG+; Woolrich, Donnel, Champion, Desoto woman kicks gunman in chin cvr, 33.00
2/43 NF; Champion, Paige, Ballard, Keene, Desoto cover brunette cuffed by safecracker, 32.00
4/43 VG bctm; Flynn, Davis, Brandon, Desoto blonde uses icepick, hero shoots gun cvr, 24.00
5/43 VG-; Woolrich, Ballard, FC Davis, Clark, Norton, Tarnell, Desoto action cvr, 24.00
5/43 VG; Another copy, 27.00
7/43 G-; Flynn, Fleming-Roberts, Clark, Donnel, Desoto does Hitchcock cvr, 13.00
8/43 VG nbc; Woolrich, Champion, Treat, Donnel, Axis spies photo plans cvr, 24.00
10/43 NF t/t; N Davis Max Latin tale, Fleming-Roberts, Desoto meatpacking crime cvr, 20.00
11/43 VG; Flynn, Champion, Keene, Stinson, strong Desoto babe mugging cvr, 26.00
12/43 VF; N Davis, Constiner, Keene, Champion, Desoto Parade of the Empty Shoes cvr, 33.00
12/43 NF; Another copy, 28.00

1/44 F; Constiner, Clark, Donnel, Allan, Desoto safecracker gets loop around neck cvr, 29.00
2/44 VG+ t/t; Champion, Treat, Long, Farley, Desoto dame grapples skill from river cover, 14.00
3/44 VG+; Woolrich, Champion, Flynn, Clark, Desoto midget in suitcase with .45 cvr, 26.00
3/44 VF Canadian; Riddle of the Monster Bat, 25.00
5/44 VG+; FC Davis, Flynn, Donnel, Desoto detective collars thug with firehose cvr, 26.00
6/44 VG; FC Davis, Champion, Keene, Carusso, Desoto blonde dyes hair black cvr, 22.00
7/44 VG; Constiner, Flynn, Clark, Keene, Desoto black widow spider cvr, 22.00

1/45 G nfc; Fleming-Roberts, Cox, Long, Clark, Fallon, 4.00
1/45 G; Desoto thief empties vacuum cleaner of jewels as bystander throws gun on him cvr, 9.00
4/45 F; Flynn, White, Constiner, Webster, Dennis, Desoto firehouse action cvr, 30.00
5/45 VG-; Desoto convict breaks jail as cellmate hangs from noose around bars cvr, 18.00
6/45 G nf/bc; FC Davis, Flynn, Clark, Marvin, Matthews, 4.00
6/45 NF; Another copy, Desoto corpse in fireplace cvr, 24.00
7/45 NF; EH Price, Cox, Long, Champion, Desoto miner discovers skeleton in mine shaft cvr, 24.00
8/45 G nf/bc; Paige, Stinson, Champion, FC Davis, 4.00
8/45 VG-; FC Davis, Champion, Paige, Stinson, Desoto victim pinned to target with arrows cvr, 19.00
10/45 G nf/bc; Cox, Clark, Stinson, Dennis, Harrison, 4.00
11/45 VG; Fleming-Roberts, Champion, Flynn, Truslow, Prentice, skeleton hand cvr, 17.00

3/46 G nf/bc; Davis, Long, Norton, Cox, Lee, 4.00
5/46 VG t/t; Desoto detective discovers skeletons in basement paneled compartment cvr, 12.00
6/46 G nf/bc; Davis, Farley, Cox, Blackburn, Long, 4.00
7/46 G nf/bc; FC Davis, Whiting, Branch, Stratton, 4.00
8/46 G nf/bc; Knox, Paige, Stinson, Whiting, Long, Dermody, 4.00
8/46 VG+; Knox, Paige, Stinson, cripple blasts crook with secret crutch pistol cvr, 14.00
12/46 VG+ t/t; Paige, Whiting, Stinson, Desoto thug adds ketchup to murder scene cvr, 12.00

1/47 G nf/bc; Gray, Whiting, Paige, Long, Dermody, 4.00
1/47 F; Another copy, 23.00
5/47 G nfc; Zagat, Champion, Lee, Martin, Holden, 4.00
11/47 F; MacDonald, Knox, Turner, sexy brunette's mannequin takes stiletto cvr, 29.00
12/47 VG; Desoto convict fires .45 over blonde's shoulder, 13.00
12/47 NF; Another copy, 26.00

1/48 G nf/bc; Ballard, Champion, Masur, Ketchum, 4.00
2/48 VG sm pofc; Saunders bound/gagged redhead in junk default kicks kidnapper in throat cvr, 16.00
4/48 G nfc; MacDonald, Turner, Martin, Anderson, 9.00
5/48 G nfc; Davis, Blassingame, Martin, Stinson, 4.00
7/48 G nf/bc; Davis, Martin, Campbell, Walton, 4.00
7/48 F; Blonde brandishes pistol, unaware of strangler about to drop noose cvr, 29.00
9/48 G nf/bc; Davis, Flynn, Evans, Martin, Dermody, 6.00

1/49 NF; MacDonald, Blassingame, Paige, blonde in furs pushed on subway tracks cvr, 27.00
3/49 VF tm; MacDonald, Flynn, gunman carrying sexy brunette on shoulder triggers rod cvr , 24.00
8/49 VG t/t; Flynn, Plunkett, Saunders masked blonde rips disguise from armed killer cvr, 17.00
10/49 VG+; JD MacDonald, WP McGivern, Race Williams Cooks a Goose cover by Saunders, 29.00

11/50 VG+ t/t; MacDonald, Flynn, Martin, Saunders showgirl gets backstage killer cvr, 18.00

1/51 VF t/t; Davis, Gault, Chadwick, Keene, Larson, Desoto redhead triggers .45 cvr, 16.00
2/51 NF pofc; Davis, Larson, Martin, killer and blonde unmask at masquerade ball cvr, 15.00
10/51 VG+ t/t; Daly, Davis, Keene, Clark, Beckman, Saunders kidnapped blonde cvr, 13.00
12/51 VG-; JD MacDonald, S Sterling, Chidsey, Saunders escaped convict cvr, 12.00

2/52 VG+ t/t; Davis, Powell, Martin, Saunders blonde moll shoots while cuffed to cop cvr, 13.00
10/52 VF; Daly, Long, Colton, Holden, Gregory, Saunders blonde tossed off bridge cvr, 17.00

ACE DETECTIVE 12/36 (#3) G+; Fleming-Roberts, Daniels, C Plunkett, Clark, Desoto cvr, 42.00
BULL'S-EYE DETECTIVE Fa38 (#1) VF; Three-issue run. Bruce, Sterling; wild human puppets cvr, 120.00
COMPLETE DETECTIVE 8/38 (#2) G; Knox, Cave, weird menace title w wild Saunders cvr, 16.00

DETECTIVE & MURDER MYSTERIES 3/39 (#1) NF; Overholser, The Devil Peddles Reefers, 75.00
DETECTIVE BOOK MAGAZINE Sp 39 VG; J Strange, great machine-gun cover, 29.00
DETECTIVE BOOK MAGAZINE Su 47 F; Thomas Black, striking G Gross cvr, 23.00
DETECTIVE DIME NOVELS 4/40 (#1) F; Rare one-shot intros Dr. Thaddeus Harker, 85.00

DETECTIVE YARNS 10/39 F br; Bellem, Scott, Gibson, hard-to-find short-run crime pulp, 45.00

10/49 VG-; R Deming, B Cassiday, Thomey, 12.00
10/49 (#5) VG- nbc; JD MacDonald, Deming, hidden assassin cvr, 19.00
12/49 (#6) VG; Butler, Thomas, Drennen, auto repainting scam cvr, 17.00
10/50 VG; Cassiday, Colton, undercover man swaps lead with killers cvr, 18.00

1/38 VG+; Scanlon, Clarke manhunter shoots from running board of redhead's car cvr, 36.00
8/38 VG- sptp; Scanlon, Jerome, Clarke fed uses shotgun aside armored car cvr, 24.00
9/38 F mi cover tm; Gruber, Scanlon, cover of agent shooting from telephone pole, 36.00
5/39 VG sptp; Scanlon, Churchill, Benton, JW Scott tuxedoed fed cover, 29.00

G-MEN DETECTIVE 7/40 VG pofc; Sterling, red-suited thief in super-villain tradition cvr, 27.00

7/35 VG-; Cave, Schisgall, Bruce, Wallace, Bergey killer cvr, 36.00
11/35 VG- ws; Burks, Curry, Chinese babe beheads bad guy cvr, 38.00
2/36 VG- sptp; Sale, Burks, Bogart, 15 tales Mystery of Vampire Bat, 32.00
5/37 VG+ pofc; Painton, Gruber, Bowen, cobra surprises brunette cvr, 39.00

RAPID-FIRE DETECTIVE 4/33 VG; Rare, short-run title, TT Flynn, Oriental murder cvr, 56.00

1/38 G fctp; Burks, Roan, Desoto bondage/yellow menace cvr, 16.00
12/39 VG; Treat, Sheldon, Saunders tough dame with .45 cvr, 37.00
9/41 VG edge nibbling; Tepperman, Masur, Saunders line-up cvr, 16.00
12/41 VG; FC Davis, Tepperman, Masur, Saunders hardboiled cvr, 32.00
7/48 VG; Ballard, Masur, Herrington, Archibald, Saunders cvr, 16.00
5/49 F; Powell, Daniels, Gluck, Saunders Tunnel of Love cvr, 19.00

1/38 (#1) VG-; Powers, Lennox, frightened blonde, cop in tuxedo cvr, 45.00
4/38 (#2) VG; Fleming-Roberts, Saunders blonde lie-detector cvr, 30.00
3/41 G nbc, last 2 pgs torn; Sorenson, Saunders gunman cvr, 10.00
5/44 VG; Fleming-Roberts, Turner, Saunders scientist cvr, 12.00

10/33 G wh pgs; Moffatt, Wallace, bondage/knifer cvr, 16.00
11/37 NF; Painton, Bowen, Gray, tycoon plugs Oriental servant cvr, 43.00
6/39 F; Ballard, Cox, Saxon, Dade, kidnapping cover, 49.00

DOUBLE-ACTION GANG 12/37 (#1) VG+; EH Price, slave-trade tale, blonde/torn dress cvr, 100.00

DRAGNET 12/28 (#3) VG+ t/t pofc; Schisgall, Burkholder, Barcroft/Underworld cvr, 70.00
DRAGNET 1/29 (#4) VG+ t/t; Schisgall, Saunders, Brenn, Dooling gangster film cvr, 65.00

5/35 VG-; Feldman, Scott, Conan, Stueber, bondage cvr, 76.00
5/35 Another copy, VG- 2" pofc; 59.00
7/35 VG+ cx no sp; Appel, Stueber, electric chair execution cvr, 36.00
9/35 (last issue) F tm; Dempsey, Bruce, Stueber, kidnapping cvr, 48.00

10/31 VG pofc; ES Gardner, Linklater, Reusswig machine-gun cvr, 65.00
2/32 VG+ cx mi edge trim; Gardner, Lawrence, Painton, Bowen, Scott, 52.00

8/30 NF t/t, white pgs; Feldman, Burks, Baumhofer cop cvr, 95.00
11/31 F t/t; Campion, Faust, Yorke, Parke, Tom Lovell cvr, 95.00
2/32 VG- cx, msd, xerox contents page; Feldman, Harris, Saunders, 46.00

GREATER GANSTER STORIES 5/34 (last issue) G; Feldman, Harris, Lovell poolhall cvr, 55.00

MOBS 8/30 G+ no sp, cx; (#1 of rare Hersey title that ran two issues) McCandless, Stueber, 68.00

UNDERWORLD 1/31 VG- pofc; Williams, Stueber, Stone, gunman in window cvr, 60.00
UNDERWORLD 3/34 VG (final issue); Daniels, Ballard, Anderson gunman cvr, 65.00

UNDERWORLD DET 2/35 G+ br; McNamara, Rister, Smith, Wilson two-gun cvr, 35.00